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StarSIEGE: Event Horizon Wiki

Page history last edited by Lord Crimson 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the StarSIEGE: Event Horizon Wiki!


For those who are unfamiliar with the system, StarSIEGE: Event Horizon is written by Josh Chewning and published by Troll Lord Games. StarSIEGE: Event Horizon (SS:EH for simplicity's sake) is a version of TLG's famous SIEGE Engine modified for Sci-Fi as opposed to Fantasy (which is exemplified by TLG's amazing Castles&Crusades RPG). 


SS:EH is a toolkit system, meaning that, although there are some good examples in the core product, it is primarily "setting-less" and intended to be a generic system that's easily modified to a given genre of Science Fiction that a group of players finds preferable.


The purpose of this Wiki is to support the SS:EH system with settings, pre-designed trappings, and optional rules in much the same fashion that TLG's flagship line Castles&Crusades receives across the internet.




If you're interested in helping out with this project, contact me (Lord Crimson) on RPG.net or the Troll Lord Forums or request access through PBWiki. If you don't want to actually join the wiki team but still wish to contribute, let me know! We're happy to add your contributions to the wiki on your behalf!



10-03-2011: I've been a bit quiet lately. I'd like to welcome Pansophy (whose been here for a few months now and been quite prolific in that time) and, one of my favorite gaming reprobates, the nefarious Dr. Rotwang (who has just joined our team).


Legalese: StarSIEGE: Event Horizon, Castles&Crusades, and all affiliated terms are the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Troll Lord Games. This wiki is not intended as a challenge to those rights or ownership but simply as a fan-made supplement intended to support the StarSIEGE: Event Horizon system.

Comments (4)

pansophy said

at 7:56 pm on Jul 25, 2011

StarSiege can also be used for a Historic and Medieval setting - in fact it does it very well, since Post-Apocalyptic involves a lot of medieval stuff and techniques.

Dr Rotwang! said

at 9:06 pm on Oct 5, 2011

Uh....I uploaded something but I have NO CLUE where it ended up. No matter; I will come back and set things to rights!

Lord Crimson said

at 8:10 am on Oct 6, 2011

Hey Doc. If you look to the right and scroll down a bit, there should be a "recent activity" window. Your can link to your notes page there. I've created a link to your notes page on the Settings page (follow the link above). :)

Dr Rotwang! said

at 3:32 pm on Oct 6, 2011

BWWRRRRRRPP This is my first Wiki. Thanks!

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